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Spirit of Iris


Meet Iris, 94 year old aeronautical teacher and certified flight instructor, who has taught and inspired many aerospace leaders and pilots over the past 60 years.  She competed in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany and was in one of the earliest groups of women to ferry planes for the Air Transport Command in World War II.

The i Word

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A rich tapestry of faces and cultures, the United States is a nation of immigrants.  Despite being built on the strength of this diversity, problems created by a troubled immigration process, combined with increases in illegal immigration have created a rift in the nations unity-sparking heated debates, demonstrations and calls to action.

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Very informative! The film touched every aspect of how illegal’s impact the US and the costs associated with this issue.
-Tracy El Paso TX
The film is excellent and exposes many immigration problems. Some areas or aspects I feel could be exposed more in the film are interior immigration problems or problems not necessarily along the border but in the interior U.S.
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Documented America is produced by CJ Productions.
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Executive Producer & Director

Corinne Jayaweera was born and raised in a liberal town in Southern California where she still resides today. Since childhood her passion has been fine arts and International Relations.  CJ graduated from the University of Redlands with a double major in Asian Studies and Sociology/ Anthropology with minors in Music and Dance. CJ has enjoyed her career in various academic roles and settings and most recently she worked Claremont Graduate School (CGU) within the Drucker School as an event coordinator for the Mentor Program and Kravis Concept Plan business competition. CJ left her stimulating career at CGU to focus on her fledgling film production and event planning company. She is extremely proud of her growing, multicultural family. She is also very active in raising funds for cancer research at the City of Hope and ALS research directly with Augies Quest. CJ most recently assisted in the World Games for the Special Olympics.


Documented America’s films have been featured nationwide with the United States, and have even screened before US Congress.
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