Tips for creating product launch videos

Tips for creating product launch videos

Whether you’re developing or selling a product and or service, your product launch video can be the make-or-break moment.

A truly great product video both informs and inspires viewers and investors to learn more

Show don’t tell

What problem is being solved?

How does it enrich your customers’ lives?

Is your message inspiring and meaningful?

Tell the story behind the story
Share the how and why your product came to be. Allow your customers meet the people behind the product and want to support in a meaningful way.

Target your audience
Customize your product video to be highly relevant to your potential customer.

Focusing on the benefits of your product/service in your product video,

Always avoid scare tactics.

Showcase your personality
Sharing your personality is a great way to differentiate your product and company from similar products out there. Connect to your audience on the other side of the screen.

Call to action
Make it easy for potential customers to purchase your product or service

If your product video is more of a proof-of-concept, include an email capture or link to preorder in your video.